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Victory assessment is designed to assess individuals ability to overcome barriers  created by low self-esteem, providing them the necessary resources to rebuild  broken relationships and develop personally and professionally. 


Self-esteem: Learning objectives  

Indicator 1: Participants acknowledge and identify their purpose. They are prioritizing and accomplishing their goals in life. They are mission-focused on completing identified tasks.  

Indicator 2: Participants have identified that their life has meaning and work diligently to accomplish tasks while avoiding distractions. 

Indicator 3: Participants have identified their life has value and they bring value to the lives of those around them. They use their gifts and talents to help others succeed. 

Relationship Building: Learning objectives  

Indicator 4: Participants have done an honest self-evaluation and know exactly who they are. Through effective communication they avoid conflicts. They have done the work to rebuild their life.

Indicator 5: Participants show compassion towards others and recognize their fears, failures, and fortunes. They work diligently to avoid self-importance.  

Indicator 6: Participants take full ownership of their life mistakes. They can openly admit their shortcomings. They are able to forgive themselves and others without question. 

Personal Development: Learning objectives 

Indicator 7: Participants become leaders, who lead by example. They lead with humility,  compassion, and love. They give people room to grow and prosper under their leadership. 


Indicator 8: Participants have a dedicated system that they use daily to achieve every goal they set for themselves. They effectively manage their time wisely to ensure success. 

Indicator 9: Participants have developed systems for their personal growth and development.  They are consistent and diligent with their processes and procedures. 

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