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Our Mission

At MTI we equip people with the necessary tools to conquer low self-worth and value while inspiring them to take 100% ownership of their lives, providing solutions through motivation, purpose, and encouragement.

Our vision

Every individual we coach or train fully realizes their potential and owns their worth, by becoming more assertive, having optimism for the future, and setting specific targeted goals! 

victory self-worth
& value program

Studied by Johns Hopkins University 

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The Victory program is intentionally designed as an experiential model, which provides activities that stimulate thinking and feelings in a supportive group atmosphere. It is structured to provide individuals with experiences that allow for the restructuring of cognitive and emotional distortion, thus providing the opportunity to change attitudes and behaviors around self-esteem, relationship building and personal development. We tend to live our lives based on the parental and social modeling we received in the childhood stage of human development. Negative actions and reactions to life’s many circumstances can be attributed to our relationships and experiences. Since these experiences have a tendency to shape our world view and are behaviors we demonstrate in our daily interactions with others, it is important to understand that we can be deprogrammed and learn positive attributes.

victory in defeat

 I know that the trials we face in life are mere building blocks to get us to the place that God has designed specifically for us. This book is about how our decisions help shape our lives, community, and world. It’s about men finding purpose for their lives. It’s about a life’s journey to break family cycles. It’s about learning to confront your past so you can have a successful future. It’s about admitting fault and growing to become a better man, father, and person. It’s about understanding that your children are your legacy, your most important investment on earth. It’s about men understanding that being present is the most precious, priceless, and perfect gift a father can give his child!

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